Remove top globe. Rotate the unit to empty out all water. Rotate then remove the other globe from the top side. Remove each upstem counterclockwise. Use a Hex Head Allen key (included in the maintenance kit) and locate the hex head bolt on the underside to remove the mouthpiece elbow. Pull elbow off. Now pull the entire body off the valve. Gently rotate the body back and forth to work it off the valve. Clean all parts with isopropyl alcohol. Replace seals if needed. Place one bushing and rubber seal back into the body cavity. Place the last bushing and seal it into the body cavity. Push the body back onto the valve. If bushing pushes out when doing so, you have it on backward. Ensure the outlet hole is facing the mouthpiece side. Replace outer seals and/or o-rings if equipped. Reinstall mouthpiece and thread hex head bolt back in. Reinstall upstems. Note: Upstems can be disassembled for deep cleaning.

Please see our YouTube Video for visual instructions.

How To Deep Clean My Stündenglass

How To Deep Clean My Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuse