• Make sure all parts are where they need to be and store the accessories safely
  • Don’t over fill
  • Clean regularly

Both upstems need to be secured in place for the device to function. The outer percolator can be removed however the center upstem must be in place on both sides.

If your unit is not drawing in smoke properly, be certain the valve pin is in place (see pic):

If the valve pin is in place, be certain the body is on the correct way with the outlet hole on the mouthpiece side:

If you experience a leak, be certain the unit is clean and the upstems have been disassembled and cleaned inside. You may need to also push the body towards the upright to ensure seals are tight.

If you hear water inside the valve, simply tilt the unit towards the side so the water inside can drain back into the unit. If your unit is dirty then the drain hole inside the valve may be clogged. Remove the magnetic bowl elbow and rubber plug and then run a chenille through the valve to ensure it is clear