Modul Dok

Modul Dok

  • Transform your Modül into a versatile handheld device

  • 3mm borosilicate glass with stem percolator

  • Anodized aluminum base

  • Magnetic Stundenglass valve stem

  • USB-C charging cable

Modul Dok

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Transform your Stündenglass Modül into a versatile handheld device with the Modül Dok. Featuring 3mm borosilicate glass, a 4 hole welded stem percolator, and an anodized aluminum stand, the...

Transform your Stündenglass Modül into a versatile handheld device with the Modül Dok. Featuring 3mm borosilicate glass, a 4 hole welded stem percolator, and an anodized aluminum stand, the Dok attaches seamlessly to the Modül via a standard Stündenglass magnetic adapter to create a powerful all in one device with robust heating options for concentrates or dry material through interchangeable tanks that can reach temperature in as little as 15 seconds. A 90° USB-C charging cable allows for simultaneous charging and use thanks to easy access to the Modül charging port. 

*Stündenglass Modül not included.

  • Glass Piece: 
    3mm borosilicate glass with magnetic adapter ring 
    6” rectangular Dok glass
    2” bent neck mouthpiece 
    4 hole welded stem percolator 

  • Anodized Aluminum Stand:
    Stable for table top use
    Base parts are interchangeable for use with custom glass pieces

  • Magnetic Stündenglass Valve Stem
    Classic Stündenglass valve fitting with o-rings
    Built in resin/claim catch
    Removable silicone plug for easy cleaning
    Fixed set pin for stable connection

  • 90° USB-C charging cable to charge and use at the same time
    Cutout in the base for easy access to Modul charging port 
    Can be used as Modul charging dock

How to Use Your Dok

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to charge?
About two hours at 3A
How many sessions?
Up to 50, depending on temperature and time settings
How to clean?
Clear out the chamber of any residual material between sessions. Allow ample time for cooling before touching the chamber.
What’s the difference between Modül and Hyer?
The Modül was designed specifically for Stundenglass. Hyer has fixed temperature and time settings where the Modül has a more customizable interface. Modul also introduces the ability to combust dry material.
What temperature is the dry material tank?
Does this vape my plant material or just burn it?
The dry material tank combusts and does not vaporize.
Does the dry material Modül have a temperature setting?
Why do I have a connection error?
-Check the connection points to ensure everything is clean and connected properly. It is common for the tank to not sit flush and cannot make a proper connection. Try rotating the tank clockwise while gently pressing down to ensure a proper connection.
-If connection points are clean, you’ve ensured proper placement and there is still a connection error, try swapping out the tank.
Do I need to clean the dry material tank as much as the concentrate tank?
Yes. The tank should be emptied and cleaned after each use.
What is the recommended way to clear the holes inside the dry material tank?
You can use the including stirring tool to carefully remove any debris from the tank. After that, use a cotton swab with alcohol to get a deeper clean.
What is the timer and why should I use it?
The timer will dictate how long your session will be activated for. This means, how long the Modul will stay at your selected temperature before shutting the heater off. You can adjust this setting for shorter or longer sessions to tailor the experience to the exact moment and need. Enjoy a short session to yourself or maximize the time for a longer session to share! (or more for you!)
Is there an indicator on the screen that lets me know the tank is in correctly?
Yes. There is an icon on the bottom right of the screen that indicates the current detected tank type.